Gill Foundation

Location: The Triangle Building, Denver


Architecture is the dynamic transformation of objectives into built form. The overall quality of that built form synthesizes the user’s objectives with their culture and mission. In workplace design, an even better result is achieved when the client is enthused and open to alternative approaches to their environment. Being a powerful and internationally recognized force behind alternative human rights, the client assigned representatives to work with the architect who were sensitive to and appreciative of responsive design. This synergy led to an overall concept that was developed in an initial work session. That concept illustrated a place that was uncommon yet uncompromised in the energizing, accommodating and support of the staff. And throughout the development of the offices, little changed, allowing for a linear and educational process. Educational in that we learned about the work of the client, thereby allowing for better response to their task. They were open to ways that better and more appropriately create the home for those tasks. Not the typical client, not the typical office...but rather a special place for a special cause.