Saiber Saiber takes a progressive approach to design while maintaining the classical methods of architectural practice. The level of quality in our work is reached through the objective of understanding how a building goes together in detail, and constantly seeking means of improvement. Experts and consultants are invited to the office to present to the team new building products, materials, and latest technologies. This allows us to better familiarize ourselves with and employ optimum construction methodologies.

While technology and 3D modeling software provides an extreme level of efficiency in the design process, our team consistently uses methods of architectural drafting, sketching and modeling. The shop is a huge facilitator in constructing models and mock-ups in the study of designs in close detail. These opportunities enhance not only the overall design process but our understanding of building assembly.

We believe that successful projects are best achieved by collaboration. This is fostered by an office environment where ideas flow freely and communication between our team is ongoing.