135 Adams

Location: 135 Adams St
Completion Date: In progress


An opportunity for diversifying the housing type in the Cherry Creek neighborhood makes the 135 Adams micro-housing project an attractive challenge. Abundant growth is revitalizing the area at a rapid rate. However, with little foresight for adequate transit, there is the inevitable disconnect between a greater influx of workers and limited means by which they get to work. But what if people, who could otherwise not afford the available housing, had the option albeit of smaller, but also less expensive apartments? Living and working in a vital pedestrian neighborhood: a win-win. The client responded to the thought that a conventional solution would not be well received. They supported the expressive exterior and an overall higher level of quality throughout the project. Guided by the engagement of the general contractor for pre-construction services during design development weekly reviews between owner, architect and contractor have maximized design while maintaining budget. This collaboration also fostered relationships with preferred subcontractors where as in the instance of exterior closure an innovative and significantly lesser expensive metal cladding system was developed. Rather than maximize potential retail income, and recognizing that a 250 square foot home might benefit from some ancillary space, the ground floor is developed as a common work and relaxation area with the objective of building community.